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Mental and Mindful Health
Pebble Beach

Free for Latter-Day Saints

For a limited time, I'm offering 4 private sessions at no cost to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for the issues below. You must live in Washington State and have attended one of my free classes. Space is limited. If you'd like to learn more, you can reach me at 360-328-7054.

Work with Me



Have you been betrayed by a friend or has there been a hurtful misunderstanding between you and someone you trusted?  Using my workbook, "The ABCs of Forgiveness," we'll spend our time working through your desire to forgive another.


Deepening Gratitude Practice

Have you ever wondered how to get beyond the usual gratitude journal? With my workbook, "Practicing Gratitude for Latter-day Saints," we'll spend our four sessions deepening your gratitude practice.

Balancing Rocks

Questions about Therapy

Have you ever wondered what therapy is or how it can help you? Maybe you've thought about seeking therapy, but you haven't known where to start. In our four private sessions, I can help you work these questions out.

joy .JPG

Recovering from Perfectionism

We'll start our work where my class on perfectionism leaves us and tailor our four sessions based on your unique needs around perfectionism.


Moving Forward with Goals

 In our four sessions, we'll work together to help you create the steps that can create momentum and move you forward with your own

personal goals.



When we've suffered a loss, our feelings of grief can often feel like the elephant in the room. Because we don't talk about these things in our western society, those who experience loss and grief end up feeling as if they're either going crazy or they're broken. You are neither of these things! During our four sessions, I can help you begin the process of facing and working through your loss.



Taking care of a loved one will be one of the most difficult and demanding things we'll ever live through. Although four sessions aren't enough to fully deal with the many issues that can arise for caregivers, it's possible to talk through a couple of the most pressing matters while also receiving a little extra support.

These are a few of my specialties. If you need help with a topic or issue that is not on this list, please feel free to contact me here to discuss options.

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