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Johnson-Choong, MSW

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Coaching or Therapy?

The goal in both therapy and coaching is to create positive change by helping you discover your inner strengths and wisdom while also learning how to utilize outside resources. This leads to a deeper understanding of who you are and how to reach your full potential. As both a therapist and a coach, that's my dream job. There are many similiarities between coaches and therapists, but there are some significant differences.


  • Coaching can acknowledge past trauma and abuse but cannot explore these issues.

  • Coaching can provide pscyho-education, and help clients grow and better themselves through homework.

  • Coaching can help help clients facilitate self-discovery and tap into their own wisdom.

  • Coaches work with clients who are mentally stable.

  • Coaching can be more goal and time oriented.


  • Therapists can do everything mentioned in the previous box.

  • Therapy can explore past trauma and abuse.

  • Therapy includes diagnosis.

  • Therapists can work with those who are mentally unstable.

  • Therapists have had several years of schooling and supervision in order to obtain a license from the state in which they practice. Coaches are not licensed.

​Good coaching and/ or therapy will create an environment where a client feels safe.


If you are interested in seeing me for therapy and you live in Washington State, you can learn more about my practice here.

For coaching, I'm available anywhere in the United States, through telehealth. You can learn more about my coaching specialties below.  





Forgiveness Coaching

The ABCs of Forgiveness is a four session program to help you navigate the techniques of how to forgive. With your workbook and our one-on-one time together over four coaching sessions, you'll be able to overcome the barriers that keep you from forgiving another. If you are interested in learning more about The ABCs of Forgiveness, please contact me through the button below. I'll send you an email with details about the program. Hope to hear from you soon!

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Perfectionism Recovery

Are you highly self-critical? Do you spend hours on tedious details? Are you filled with anxiety and overwhelming dread everytime you need to teach a class? If this sounds familar, my six-week Perfectionism Recovery class could be for you. Class size is ten or under so that each individual gets their needs addressed.

If you're interested in learning more about my program on Perfectionism Recovery, click the button below. I'll send you an email with all the information.

Balancing Rocks

Lifestyle Management

My coaching is all about helping you grow, stretch, and move in the direction of your choice. In our very first session, we'll figure out where you want to be and map out the goals that can help you get there.

I'll challenge you to look at things from a different angle, encourage you to practice self-compassion, and teach you how to reach for those things that matter to you. I hope to hear from you soon!


Reproductive Trauma and the Church

One of the most difficult experiences for a Latter-day Saint woman is to  struggle with some aspect of bearing children. Whether you're dealing with infertility (primary or secondary) or a miscarriage, it's not unusual to have feelings of guilt and doubt.

It doesn't help that the one place where you'd like to find comfort (in church) is often a source of painful thwarted belonging. Many Latter-day Saint women who struggle with infertility and other reproductive issues feel invisible.


Navigating church culture and questioning (and often nosy) members while also figuring out your own feelings can feel like walking through a mine field. If this is your experience, let me help you navigate that tricky landscape.

More to Come

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