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Johnson-Choong, MSW

Free Classes
For Latter-day Saints

For groups of ten or more, I offer a variety of classes on mental and emotional health. These classes are available for all Latter-day Saint adults throughout the United States. I can teach one or any combination that fits your needs. For more information, scroll down. 

Working Through Anxiety

Anxiety has been a part of the human experience since the beginning of time. It's hard-wired into our biology and serves an important purpose by helping to keep us safe. But what happens when we find ourselves experiencing symptoms of anxiety that get in the way of our daily living?

In my 45-minute class, I explain how the brain is wired and the role healthy anxiety plays in helping us navigate life. I also provide strategies to help you create a healthy relationship with anxiety.

If you're interested in booking this class for your next church meeting, please use the contact form below.

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Recovering from  Perfectionism

As a recovering perfectionist, I understand how easy it is to have perfectionism become the robber of joy. If we want to diminish perfectionism, one of our first steps is to learn about it.


In this 45-minute presentation, I teach about three kinds of perfectionism so you can begin to understand your own perfectionistic tendencies. I'll discuss perfectionism and Christ's Atonement while offering a few strategies to help you begin your own work on recovering from perfectionism.

If you're interested in this 45-minute presentation for your next church meeting or class, please use the contact form below.


Working Through Depression

In this sixty minute class, I'll bust some commonly held myths about depression and how we can become aware of the symptoms. 

I'll present some strategies that individuals can use at home for some relief. I'll also talk about when it might be a time to consider seeing a therapist and how to choose the right therapist for you.

This class is helpful for both those who suffer from depression and their loved ones. If you're interested in booking this class for your next church meeting, please use the contact form below.


Relational Communication

Do you struggle with talking with those you love? Are you finding yourself having the same arguments with others without any growing understanding?

No communication class can or should promise you resolution to your relationship problems. My main goal in creating this class is to help people take a look at their own communication style and see where they can make changes to enhance their ability to both understand and be understood.

When we feel as if we've done our best to communicate with others, we're better able to determine how best to move forward in our relationships.

If you're interested in booking this class for your next church meeting, please fill out the contact form below.


Emotional Health and Literacy

The common belief is that there are a set of "bad" or "negative" emotions and a set of "good" or "positive" emotions. Often, the goal is to learn how to eliminate negative feelings in order to encourage the positive.

It's true that some emotions are more comfortable to feel while others make us squirm. What is equally true is that we need the full range of our emotional experiences if we're going to fully engage in a rich and worthwhile life.

In this 45-minute class, I can help you understand why all emotions deserve a seat at the table and how to make sure they behave themselves once they're seated. If you're interested in this class, please fill out the contact form below.

What People Say

I attended Shelly's classes on mental and emotional health. Each class was very informative and valuable. The strategies were achievable, usable, and helpful. The breaking down of myths and building upon truths was well thought out, well supported, and insightful. I appreciated how the mental and spiritual principals related and strengthened each other. Each class was professionally presented. I highly recommend it!


Would you like to book a class? Just fill out the contact form below. 

Coming Soon


A How-to Guide for Gratitude

Recent studies have shown the many benefits that come from living in gratitude. Authentic gratitude builds emotional resilience while also deepening social connections. In turn, these perks can help create a buffer against depression and anxiety.


However, with all we know about gratitude, it can still be difficult to practice it in a profound and meaningful way.

With an understanding that everyone is unique, I'll present some strategies that can bring purpose and know-how to your gratitude practice.


You'll also be given the opportunity to download your own free gratitude workbook that can help you create an intentional gratitude journal that will be exclusive to you.


If you're interested in this 45-minute class, just fill out the contact form below.  

These classes are offered for free, and I can teach either online or in person. For classes taught on location, there may be a travel expense fee.

Please do not send private information through this message. If you're interested in therapy and you live in Washington State, you can get in touch with me here.

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