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Johnson-Choong, MSW

The Building Block Series
Learning How to Implement Gospel Principles in Our Every Day Life

In these short and thoughtful workbooks, we'll explore how to deepen our connections to qualities such as gratitude, humility, forgiveness, hope, charity, faith, and more. In the church, we're often encouraged to practice these attributes because they mirror our Savior. However, we're rarely taught how. These workbooks offer a step-by-step approach to that dilemma, encouraging us to build these foundational traits, enriching our lives and our relationships. 

Book I
The Langauge of Gratitude


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Gratitude is an important but often underrated building block for the resilient soul. Studies show that gratitude can help mitigate depression, anxiety, and stress. Gratitude has an important role in building bonds of trust and connection with others, thus strengthening our relationships, helping to create community.  Grateful people are known to have a better handle on stress.

In my workbook, "The Language of Gratitude," I will teach you strategies that go beyond a gratitude journal. Through both psycho-education and a series of prompts, you'll learn about four different types of gratitude and how they work together to create a wholistic approach to feeling grateful.


You'll also learn about toxic positivity; a gratitude imposter that can keep us stuck and makes it difficult for us to experience authentic gratitude.


I also present you with strategies that can deepen your feelings of appreciation for yourself, others, and God while also helping you learn how to accept gratitude when someone offers it to you.


By signing up for this free workbook, you'll also become part of my network, which includes a monthly newsletter, "Your Mental and Mindful Moment." When you sign up, you'll receive a "welcome" email from me. Soon after, you'll begin receiving newsletters full of tips and ideas on a host of  relevant topics, including the practice of self-compassion, understanding our emotional experiences, the role of regret in our lives, and much more.

I'm happy to present you with this my first workbook in The Resilient Soul series as a free download.

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Book II and Coaching
The ABCs of Forgiveness

Most of us understand the importance of forgiveness, and we want to incorporate it into our lives. But we struggle with knowing how to do that without setting ourselves up for another painful experience. In my workbook titled, "The ABCs of Forgivness," and with my one-on-one coaching, I offer real-life techniques that can help you understand forgiveness. 

With your workbook in hand, you'll begin your four part private coaching class by learning how to acknowledge and accept what happened to you. Next, you'll work on setting proper boundaries before learning how to cultivate a deeper understanding of the event, yourself, and those involved. Through this work, you'll be able to diminish any grudge and discover the lessons that can come from pain.

The concepts and prompts in this work are offered with compassion, plenty of know-how, and an understanding of the importance of timing.

Each coaching session is 60 minutes long. Make this the year you invest in yourself and begin to improve your mental and mindful health by learning how to forgive. If you're interested, please contact me at here

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