Meet Shelly

In early 2009, I was called to the hospital where my father was diagnosed with a cancer his doctors couldn't name. During that short time, at the end of his life, I found myself navigating tense family situations while advocating for my father's needs with the hospital staff. In spite of my own uncertainty and fear, I was able to pull from something deep within that allowed me to take care of these heart-wrenching experiences with grace. I walked into that situation afraid and grief-stricken. I walked out, determined to help others navigate trials posed by life's difficulties.

A year later, after my husband's own cancer scare, I began my schooling at age forty-seven in order to become a mental health professional so I could reach as many people as possible.


Now, as a therapist and teacher, it's my hope that I can help you find resilience along with new and healthy ways to cope that coincide with your own values and wisdom, encouraging you to debunk old myths and find new tools.

In partnering with clients, I'm able to journey with them through a variety of challenges. I specialize in spiritual woundedness, depression, anxiety, grief, life transitions such as divorce or illness, caregiving, women's issues, including infertility and childlessness, among many other issues that face Latter-day Saints.


I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and I'm a referred Family Services provider. I'm available to help clients who are struggling with faith-based issues around the church, their identity in how it relates to the church, and their relationship with God. I understand that each of us has a unique relationship with God, the gospel, and the church. I approach each session and class with a sacred respect for that relationship.

I hold a BASW from the University of Washington Tacoma and an MSW from Boston University. If you live in Washington State and are interested in learning more about my private practice, you can contact me by clicking the button below.