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Before the pandemic, depression was common but since COVID hit in March 2020, depression rates have tripled in the U.S. Many who were just getting by or those who've never suffered from depression are now finding themselves struggling. In this thirty-minute class, we'll cover:

1.) Three common myths we believe about depression and their truths.

2.) The importance of choosing a good therapist and how to do that.

3.) Some strategies that can be used at home to help those who suffer from depression.

For those who suffer from depression and their family members, this class can offer both education and interventions.



Let’s face it. It’s hard to struggle with infertility as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Parenthood is a major tenet of the church, creating stigma for those who don’t have children.

In this two-part class, we delve into

1.) The belief we can sometimes carry that good=reward and bad=punishment and how to create a different belief that helps fight shame and stigma.

2.)  The importance of your story around reproduction and how to write chapters that involve infertility without shame.

3.) How to overcome the fear of grief and mourning and making room for these emotions.

4.) The emotional aspect of infertility and how to stabilize your experience and feelings.

5.) Strategies in how to deal with insensitive comments, church attendance, holidays, advocating for yourself and others, finding your identity outside of motherhood, and finding your tribe.

If you suffer from either primary or secondary infertility, this class can help you determine how best to handle the culture of the church while determining how to become your best self during this difficult time.



Forgiveness isn't a "one and done" experience. Forgiveness comes in degrees, especially when we're dealing with someone who's caused us a great deal of pain. Even though each situation is unique, we can still make progress in our effort to understand forgiveness and work toward the peace it offers. In this thirty-minute class, we'll work on:

1.) Understanding what forgiveness is NOT while learning what it is.

2.) Getting to the heart of what causes emotional pain and how to work through it.

3.) Strategies that can help us begin our forgiveness journey.

I hope you'll join me in the near future for this thirty-minute class that can help us achieve the peace of forgiveness.


Meet Shelly

Latter-day Saint Therapist

As a therapist, one of my greatest joys is helping people overcome the barriers that have kept them stuck. My goal for each client is healing and empowerment, and the classes I teach reflect that aspiration.